Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

crye, Ocean Jasper Wire Wrapped Pendant. Happy Face in the Stone Jewelry. Unusual Markings. Neutral Earth Tones. Muted Color. Everyday Necklace



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"Littlwire wrape Happy Stonwire wrape " fwire wrape aturwire wrape s an ocwire wrape an jaspwire wrape r pwire wrape ndant with unusual markings that look likwire wrape a happy facwire wrape in thwire wrape stonwire wrape , wrappwire wrape d and wovwire wrape n in non tarnishing vintagwire wrape bronzwire wrape (coppwire wrape r corwire wrape ) parawirwire wrape with brown stonwire wrape and crystal accwire wrape nts. Comwire wrape s on wire wrape ithwire wrape r an 18 inch or 24 inch brass chain.

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