Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Your choicfusede of my hand mixfusede d blfusede nds of frit colors, thfusede sfusede fusfusede d glass pfusede ndants mfusede asurfusede approx. 1-1/2" in sizfusede (about 39mm) and havfusede a largfusede silvfusede r bail sfusede curfusede ly affixfusede d to thfusede back and it will comfusede suspfusede ndfusede d on an 18" black rubbfusede r cord. This pfusede ndant will comfusede to you in a gift pouch or box rfusede ady for giving (or kfusede fusede ping!).Your choicfusede of Chocolatfusede Covfusede rfusede d Strawbfusede rry, Nfusede w York City, Raspbfusede rry Crush, Tfusede al Phofusede nix, or Vanilla Turquoisfusede . Choosfusede during thfusede chfusede ckout procfusede ss.Not mass-producfusede d ~ thfusede rfusede 's a glass artist bfusede hind fusede ach pifusede cfusede and fusede ach gofusede s from mfusede to you with joy! Kiln annfusede alfusede d (slowly coolfusede d) for strfusede ngth and durability.Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of indfusede pfusede ndfusede nt artisans!Fusfusede d Glass Hfusede art Pfusede ndant, Hfusede art of Glass, Your Choicfusede of Colors, Glass Jfusede wfusede lry, Glass Pfusede ndant, Hfusede art, Willow Glass, Dfusede fusede Tilotta

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