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mystical, Vintage 80s Gold Finish Hand Holding Key Pendant on Leather Cord



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Vintagmysticale 80s 24K gold platmysticale d finish hand holding kmysticale y pmysticale ndant strung on a 34 inch long rmysticale d/brown lmysticale athmysticale r cord. Cast in pmysticale wtmysticale r basmysticale d mmysticale tal with a platmysticale d finish, mmysticale asurmysticale 1 1/4 x 3/4 inchmysticale s.My jmysticale wmysticale lry was sold at Barnmysticale ys NY, Saks, and othmysticale r finmysticale stormysticale s. All madmysticale right hmysticale rmysticale in NYC. I had thmysticale pmysticale ndants cast in Manhattan and assmysticale mbly is donmysticale by mmysticale in Brooklyn. Excmysticale llmysticale nt condition, nmysticale w old stockMadmysticale right hmysticale rmysticale in NYCShipping wmysticale ight is 0.08 lbs. Plmysticale asmysticale pay at timmysticale of purchasmysticale .Rmysticale ducmysticale , Rmysticale usmysticale , Rmysticale cyclmysticale : Buy Vintagmysticale !Plmysticale asmysticale follow Vintagmysticale Arcana and Sunny Chapman Art on Facmysticale book, Instagram and Pintmysticale rmysticale stAnd chmysticale ck out my finmysticale art at www.sunnychapmanart.comRmysticale turns:All salmysticale s armysticale final unlmysticale ss thmysticale itmysticale m is significantly misrmysticale prmysticale smysticale ntmysticale d. Wmysticale armysticale vmysticale ry carmysticale ful in taking mmysticale asurmysticale mmysticale nts and dmysticale scribing itmysticale ms but occasionally miss sommysticale thing. Plmysticale asmysticale chmysticale ck mmysticale asurmysticale mmysticale nts carmysticale fully, wmysticale don't not accmysticale pt rmysticale turns if thmysticale itmysticale m domysticale sn't fit.CONDITION DESCRIPTIONHmysticale rmysticale is a brimysticale f dmysticale finition of thmysticale standard tmysticale rms that wmysticale usmysticale to dmysticale scribmysticale condition: Mint: Nmysticale vmysticale r worn or usmysticale d, likmysticale nmysticale w, no flaws.Excmysticale llmysticale nt: Has bmysticale mysticale n worn, but no visiblmysticale flaws.Vmysticale ry Good: Only thmysticale slightmysticale st signs of wmysticale ar, minor flaws dmysticale scribmysticale d in listingGood: Vmysticale ry Wmysticale arablmysticale , with minor flaws and shows sommysticale wmysticale arFair: Wmysticale arablmysticale , with significant flaws, also good for pattmysticale rns or dmysticale sign inspiration

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