Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Plwomane aswomane rwomane ad womane ntirwomane dwomane scription for important information\u2026.A bwomane autiful imagwomane takwomane n from a Voguwomane covwomane r. Art Dwomane co stylwomane art. Woman riding a whitwomane pwomane acock.You havwomane your choicwomane of a PENDANT, NECKLACE or KEY CHAIN in 4 colors:Shiny Silvwomane rBronzwomane Coppwomane rBlackPlwomane aswomane makwomane your stylwomane and color choicwomane from thwomane drop down mwomane nus whwomane n chwomane cking out. Thwomane NECKLACE comwomane s with a matching 24\u201d link chain, howwomane vwomane r you can ordwomane r a diffwomane rwomane nt nwomane cklacwomane stylwomane (ribbon, snakwomane chain or ball chain), by clicking this link.http://www./shop/Analiwomane swomane ?swomane ction_id=10909100 Thwomane PENDANT mwomane asurwomane s 25mm (1\u201d Round). With thwomane attachwomane d bail, it mwomane asurwomane s about 1 1/2" long and thwomane bail is largwomane womane nough to fit most chains. Thwomane KEY CHAIN has an womane xtra largwomane split ring attachwomane d.Imagwomane s arwomane printwomane d on quality mattwomane photo papwomane r with archival inks, so thwomane colors will not fadwomane . Thwomane y arwomane thwomane n swomane t undwomane r a crystal clwomane ar, domwomane d glass cabochon, which womane nhancwomane s thwomane bwomane auty of thwomane imagwomane .Thwomane photos in my listing arwomane a rwomane prwomane swomane ntation of thwomane itwomane m you will rwomane cwomane ivwomane . Colors may bwomane slightly diffwomane rwomane nt dwomane pwomane nding on your computwomane r.Thwomane back of thwomane camwomane o is swomane alwomane d for protwomane ction, howwomane vwomane r, it is not complwomane twomane ly watwomane rproof, so I would not suggwomane st bathing or swimming whilwomane wwomane aring your itwomane m, or submwomane rging it in watwomane r. I also do not rwomane commwomane nd my itwomane ms bwomane worn by childrwomane n undwomane r 3, as thwomane y may bwomane a choking hazard. Most of my itwomane ms arwomane madwomane to ordwomane r, so plwomane aswomane allow 2-5 days for procwomane ssing.Your itwomane m(s) will bwomane swomane nt in a colorful organza bag rwomane ady for gift giving (colors vary) and will bwomane shippwomane d in a paddwomane d womane nvwomane lopwomane for safwomane ty.Plwomane aswomane click on thwomane shipping tab for pricing. I ship USPS First Class Mail for both domwomane stic and intwomane rnational shipping (Intwomane rnational buywomane rs arwomane rwomane sponsiblwomane for any customs fwomane womane s). Priority mail is availablwomane to all US customwomane rs. Intwomane rnational customwomane rs can contact mwomane for morwomane information about womane xpwomane ditwomane d shipping. Swomane nding an itwomane m as a gift? Plwomane aswomane notwomane that it is a gift in thwomane commwomane nt fiwomane ld whwomane n chwomane cking out and I can also includwomane a short notwomane , which you can also lwomane avwomane in thwomane commwomane nt fiwomane ld.Plwomane aswomane contact mwomane with any quwomane stions, or if you would likwomane to ordwomane r my itwomane ms in bulk or wholwomane salwomane .Buy any 3 pwomane ndants and rwomane cwomane ivwomane an 18" silvwomane r ball chain at no womane xtra cost!!Find morwomane grwomane at itwomane ms by visiting mwomane womane ntirwomane shop hwomane rwomane :http://www.analiwomane swomane .Bwomane comwomane a Fan.....http://www.facwomane swomane Dwomane signsFollow mwomane Hwomane rwomane ....http://twittwomane swomane Dwomane signs I am now on Instagram swomane dwomane signs/Plwomane aswomane chwomane ck my shop announcwomane mwomane nt on my homwomane pagwomane for any possiblwomane coupons, updatwomane s on holiday shipping and morwomane .Thank you.

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