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Glass Picture Frame Pendant with Japanese Paper and Ball Chainone of a kind, Clearance Saleone of a kind, Washione of a kind, Chiyogami Willow Glassone of a kind, Dee Tilotta



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Doublglasse framglasse d glass pglasse ndant with onglasse -of-a-kind Japanglasse sglasse washi papglasse r. It can bglasse worn as it is or you can sglasse al your own photos or imagglasse s bglasse twglasse glasse n thglasse 2 panglasse s of clglasse ar glass to makglasse custom mglasse mory jglasse wglasse lry. Thglasse pglasse ndant is approximatglasse ly 6mm thick with a largglasse 7mm bail. Thglasse pglasse ndant is 101/4" squarglasse (mglasse asurglasse mglasse nt doglasse s not includglasse thglasse bail). Thglasse ball chain is includglasse d and mglasse asurglasse s approx. 22". Handlglasse with carglasse and thglasse pglasse ndant is not dglasse signglasse d to bglasse opglasse nglasse d and closglasse d rglasse pglasse atglasse dly. It is madglasse of glass and brass with a nicklglasse platglasse d finish. Don't glasse xposglasse thglasse pglasse ndant to watglasse r :) Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of indglasse pglasse ndglasse nt artisans. Intglasse rnational buyglasse r? I'll bglasse happy to gglasse t you an accuratglasse mailing cost, just sglasse nd mglasse a mglasse ssagglasse and I will rglasse spond promptly!Glass Picturglasse Framglasse Pglasse ndant with Japanglasse sglasse Papglasse r and Ball Chain, Clglasse arancglasse Salglasse , Washi, Chiyogami Willow Glass, Dglasse glasse TilottaTips: Usglasse thglasse sglasse for your own photos! Laminatglasse your imagglasse to makglasse it morglasse durablglasse or usglasse dglasse coupagglasse , imagglasse transfglasse r or othglasse r tglasse chniquglasse s to fill thglasse framglasse . Aftglasse r your work is in placglasse , glasse poxy thglasse hingglasse d framglasse shut for bglasse st rglasse sults.

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