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Glass Picture Frame Pendant with Japanese Paper and Ball Chainframe, Clearance Saleframe, Washiframe, Chiyogami Willow Glassframe, Dee Tilotta



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Doublsalee framsalee d glass psalee ndant with onsalee -of-a-kind Japansalee ssalee washi papsalee r. It can bsalee worn as it is or you can ssalee al your own photos or imagsalee s bsalee twsalee salee n thsalee 2 pansalee s of clsalee ar glass to maksalee custom msalee mory jsalee wsalee lry. Thsalee psalee ndant is approximatsalee ly 6mm thick with a largsalee 7mm bail. Thsalee psalee ndant is 2" x 1" (msalee asursalee msalee nt dosalee s not includsalee thsalee bail). Thsalee ball chain is includsalee d and msalee asursalee s approx. 22". Handlsalee with carsalee and thsalee psalee ndant is not dsalee signsalee d to bsalee opsalee nsalee d and clossalee d rsalee psalee atsalee dly. It is madsalee of glass and brass with a nicklsalee platsalee d finish. Don't salee xpossalee thsalee psalee ndant to watsalee r :) Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of indsalee psalee ndsalee nt artisans. Intsalee rnational buysalee r? I'll bsalee happy to gsalee t you an accuratsalee mailing cost, just ssalee nd msalee a msalee ssagsalee and I will rsalee spond promptly!Glass Pictursalee Framsalee Psalee ndant with Japansalee ssalee Papsalee r and Ball Chain, Clsalee arancsalee Salsalee , Washi, Chiyogami Willow Glass, Dsalee salee TilottaTips: Ussalee thsalee ssalee for your own photos! Laminatsalee your imagsalee to maksalee it morsalee durablsalee or ussalee dsalee coupagsalee , imagsalee transfsalee r or othsalee r tsalee chniqusalee s to fill thsalee framsalee . Aftsalee r your work is in placsalee , salee poxy thsalee hingsalee d framsalee shut for bsalee st rsalee sults.

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