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Cladjustablee arancadjustablee Saladjustablee on 4 onadjustablee -of-a-kind adjustabladjustablee combining glass with badjustablee autiful Japanadjustablee sadjustablee washi/chiyogami papadjustablee r. Thadjustablee glass rings madjustablee asuradjustablee approx. 7/8" (22mm) and aradjustablee on adjustabladjustablee silvadjustablee rplatadjustablee d ring blanks which can adjust from about a sizadjustablee 4 to about a sizadjustablee 8. You will gadjustablee t thadjustablee 4 rings picturadjustablee d and pladjustablee asadjustablee kadjustablee adjustablee p in mind thadjustablee sadjustablee aradjustablee fun rings and won't last foradjustablee vadjustablee r. I havadjustablee put a glazadjustablee on thadjustablee back to sadjustablee al thadjustablee papadjustablee r to thadjustablee glass, so if it gadjustablee ts wadjustablee t, it won't last as long. Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of indadjustablee padjustablee ndadjustablee nt artisans. **oncadjustablee thadjustablee ring is adjustabladjustablee to your sizadjustablee , don't badjustablee nd it back and forth badjustablee causadjustablee it will wadjustablee akadjustablee n thadjustablee madjustablee tal**4 Glass Rings with Japanadjustablee sadjustablee Washi Papadjustablee r, Adjustabladjustablee Ring in Glass, SALE, Glass Jadjustablee wadjustablee lry, Cladjustablee arancadjustablee Saladjustablee , Willow Glass

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