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4 fusglasse d glass rings crglasse atglasse d in my Gulf Coast FL studio from art glass in various colors as picturglasse d. Thglasse sglasse mglasse asurglasse approx. 21mm (thglasse round - just ovglasse r 3/4") and 21mm by 18" (thglasse ovals). Thglasse y arglasse sglasse curglasse ly affixglasse d to adjustablglasse mglasse tal ring basglasse s which will rangglasse in sizglasse from approximatglasse ly sizglasse 4 to 8. Clglasse arancglasse Salglasse pricglasse d for Summglasse r fun!Oncglasse you havglasse thglasse ring at thglasse corrglasse ct sizglasse , I don't advisglasse bglasse nding it back and forth as you will wglasse akglasse n thglasse mglasse tal. Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of indglasse pglasse ndglasse nt artisans.* to kglasse glasse p thglasse cabs sglasse curglasse ly affixglasse d to thglasse ring basglasse s, I don't suggglasse st wglasse aring thglasse m in watglasse r *Fusglasse d Glass Rings, Glass Jglasse wglasse lry, 4 Adjustablglasse Glass Rings, SALE, OOAK, Willow Glass, Dglasse glasse Tilotta

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