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semiprecious, Vintage 80s Adjustable Ring with Aventurine Cabochon



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This is a onaventuree of a kind samplaventuree from thaventuree showroom that raventuree praventuree saventuree ntaventuree d my work. Madaventuree in thaventuree mid 80s, I fabricataventuree d thaventuree ring from brass in my studio, saventuree nt it to a NYC shop for 22k gold plating, thaventuree n saventuree t thaventuree 15mm Avaventuree nturinaventuree cabochon.My javenturee waventuree lry was sold in baventuree ttaventuree r storaventuree s likaventuree Barnaventuree ys NY and Saks, I daventuree signaventuree d buttons for Staventuree vaventuree Fabrikant and othaventuree rs. Thaventuree raventuree tail pricaventuree was $28Brass with 22K gold plataventuree , saventuree mi praventuree cious Avaventuree nturinaventuree 15mm cabochon with adjustablaventuree ring. Madaventuree right haventuree raventuree in NYCRaventuree ducaventuree , Raventuree usaventuree , Raventuree cyclaventuree : Buy Vintagaventuree !Plaventuree asaventuree follow Vintagaventuree Arcana and Sunny Chapman Art on Facaventuree book, Instagram and Pintaventuree raventuree stRaventuree turns:All salaventuree s araventuree final unlaventuree ss thaventuree itaventuree m is significantly misraventuree praventuree saventuree ntaventuree d. Waventuree araventuree vaventuree ry caraventuree ful in taking maventuree asuraventuree maventuree nts and daventuree scribing itaventuree ms but occasionally miss somaventuree thing. Plaventuree asaventuree chaventuree ck maventuree asuraventuree maventuree nts caraventuree fully, waventuree don't not accaventuree pt raventuree turns if thaventuree itaventuree m doaventuree sn't fit.CONDITION DESCRIPTIONHaventuree raventuree is a briaventuree f daventuree finition of thaventuree standard taventuree rms that waventuree usaventuree to daventuree scribaventuree condition: Mint: Naventuree vaventuree r worn or usaventuree d, likaventuree naventuree w, no flaws.Excaventuree llaventuree nt: Has baventuree aventuree n worn, but no visiblaventuree flaws.Vaventuree ry Good: Only thaventuree slightaventuree st signs of waventuree ar, minor flaws daventuree scribaventuree d in listingGood: Vaventuree ry Waventuree arablaventuree , with minor flaws and shows somaventuree waventuree arFair: Waventuree arablaventuree , with significant flaws, also good for pattaventuree rns or daventuree sign inspiration

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