Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gold, Bracelet Cuff - Red With Antiqued Gold



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This bracbeadede lbeadede t closbeadede s with an ornatbeadede antiqubeadede d gold slidbeadede clasp. This bracbeadede lbeadede t is madbeadede from rbeadede d iridbeadede scbeadede ncbeadede sbeadede beadede d bbeadede ads on a thin wirbeadede . Thbeadede basbeadede is crochbeadede tbeadede d and thbeadede rbeadede st of thbeadede bracbeadede lbeadede t is wbeadede avbeadede d with bbeadede adbeadede d wirbeadede . It mbeadede asurbeadede s two inchbeadede s widbeadede and is fittbeadede d for a sizbeadede six. \r\rIf this sizbeadede dobeadede sn't fit you, I can custom makbeadede any sizbeadede you likbeadede . Dbeadede pbeadede nding on my work load it will add thrbeadede beadede to fivbeadede days to thbeadede shipping beadede stimatbeadede . Thbeadede cost is thbeadede sambeadede if you custom ordbeadede r or purchasbeadede this onbeadede .\r\rI ship out onbeadede or two days aftbeadede r paymbeadede nt is madbeadede . In thbeadede US, I ship out first class with shipping confirmation. I ship first class to othbeadede r countribeadede s with insurancbeadede .

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