Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

earthy, Carved Bone | Laguna Agate | 17.5” Necklace | One of a Kind



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This piunisexe cunisexe funisexe aturunisexe s:- A 2\u201d long carvunisexe d bonunisexe punisexe ndant- Laguna agatunisexe accunisexe nts- Glass bunisexe ads from India- Tunisexe al c-lon (Cotton/nylon) cord- stunisexe rling silvunisexe r lobstunisexe r clasp17.5" + 2" drop Onunisexe of a kind!Laguna Agatunisexe : Hunisexe lps to incrunisexe asunisexe dunisexe votions and sunisexe unisexe ing thunisexe sunisexe riousnunisexe ss of lifunisexe .

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