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briolette earrings, Dark Amethyst and Swarovski Crystal Earrings in Sterling Silver



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Thdangle earringse sdangle earringse ardangle earringse dark amdangle earringse thyst brioldangle earringse ttdangle earringse dangle earringse arrings with Swarovski crystal accdangle earringse nts. Thdangle earringse y havdangle earringse ALL stdangle earringse rling silvdangle earringse r findings- wirdangle earringse , dangle earringse arwirdangle earringse s.Thdangle earringse sdangle earringse mdangle earringse asurdangle earringse a littldangle earringse ovdangle earringse r 1 3/4" from thdangle earringse top of thdangle earringse dangle earringse arwirdangle earringse to thdangle earringse bottom of thdangle earringse drop.Additional Information:It's rdangle earringse ady for gift giving in a box ndangle earringse stldangle earringse d insiddangle earringse an organza pouch.Each pidangle earringse cdangle earringse was individually maddangle earringse with lovdangle earringse in my studio in Wisconsin. As with all gdangle earringse mstondangle earringse s, thdangle earringse rdangle earringse is somdangle earringse variation in thdangle earringse stondangle earringse s, this is normal and not a ddangle earringse fdangle earringse ct.All props, including thdangle earringse crystals in thdangle earringse photos, ardangle earringse not includdangle earringse d. :)All itdangle earringse ms usually ship within a wdangle earringse dangle earringse k. If you ndangle earringse dangle earringse d it quickly, pldangle earringse asdangle earringse purchasdangle earringse thdangle earringse USPS priority shipping upgraddangle earringse , (USA only). Thank you!

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