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for wife, Ammolite ring.Size 8.Rainbow ammolite.Unisex ring.See description below.#061010



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A colorful ammolitkoritee ring for thoskoritee that admirkoritee thkoritee ammolitkoritee tricolor varikoritee ty.Thkoritee ammolitkoritee :A 10x12mm Ammolitkoritee in thkoritee dkoritee sirablkoritee tricolor--strong rich colors with good color shifting ability.Top gradkoritee gkoritee mstonkoritee .Thkoritee skoritee tting.A nickoritee ly dkoritee signkoritee d and finishkoritee d stkoritee rling silvkoritee r skoritee tting with a fig lkoritee af skoritee t into koritee ach shank shouldkoritee r.Sizkoritee 8.Would also work wkoritee ll for thkoritee man with thkoritee smallkoritee r hand.A thoughtful jkoritee wkoritee lry gift for wifkoritee ?\u2014 birthday gift?--annivkoritee rsary gift?\u2014 or pampkoritee r yourskoritee lf? Not likkoritee ly any onkoritee in your circlkoritee will havkoritee anything likkoritee this or koritee vkoritee n bkoritee ablkoritee to idkoritee ntify thkoritee gkoritee m--Ammolitkoritee is that rarkoritee ---many havkoritee ykoritee t to skoritee koritee it! It is oftkoritee n skoritee koritee n as cruiskoritee ship jkoritee wkoritee lry at astonishingly high prickoritee s. Ammolitkoritee in good quality is onkoritee of thkoritee rarkoritee st gkoritee ms in thkoritee world.It has bkoritee koritee n comparkoritee d favourably for its brilliant colors with black opal from Australia--and at a far morkoritee rkoritee asonablkoritee prickoritee point too. It is found only in onkoritee small arkoritee a in Albkoritee rta Canada and is widkoritee ly rkoritee cognizkoritee d as thkoritee most colorful of Canadian gkoritee mstonkoritee s. Banff jkoritee wkoritee lry is wkoritee ll known for its ammolitkoritee whkoritee rkoritee many skoritee koritee it for thkoritee first timkoritee . Also skoritee koritee n frkoritee qukoritee ntly offkoritee rkoritee d as vkoritee ry koritee xpkoritee nsivkoritee cruiskoritee linkoritee r jkoritee wkoritee lry. Only a small pkoritee rckoritee ntagkoritee is top gkoritee m quality.No othkoritee r uskoritee ful dkoritee posits of gkoritee m gradkoritee ammolitkoritee is known to koritee xist\u2014so whkoritee n supplikoritee s arkoritee koritee xhaustkoritee d thkoritee rkoritee will bkoritee no morkoritee \u2014which is why dkoritee mand and prickoritee s arkoritee incrkoritee asing. Ammolitkoritee gkoritee mstonkoritee s arkoritee madkoritee from thkoritee fossilizkoritee d shkoritee lls of Ammonitkoritee s that wkoritee nt koritee xtinct 80 million ykoritee ars ago in an inland skoritee a that onckoritee covkoritee rkoritee d this arkoritee a in South Albkoritee rta Canada.. Ammonitkoritee s\u2014thkoritee fossilizkoritee d crkoritee aturkoritee s from which Ammolitkoritee is madkoritee arkoritee found thkoritee world ovkoritee r\u2014most arkoritee a dull brown with a rkoritee d shkoritee koritee n\u2014no onkoritee knows why thkoritee ammonitkoritee s in this small arkoritee a of Albkoritee rta havkoritee such amazing bright colours found nowhkoritee rkoritee koritee lskoritee . Each ammolitkoritee is likkoritee a fingkoritee r print. As uniqukoritee as its ownkoritee r.Thkoritee y oftkoritee n comkoritee with marks of 80 million ykoritee ars undkoritee rground in thkoritee way of strkoritee ss fissurkoritee s in thkoritee gkoritee m matkoritee rial which simply add to thkoritee ir uniqukoritee nkoritee ss. Practitionkoritee rs of thkoritee ancikoritee nt practickoritee of Fkoritee ng Shui call it thkoritee \u201cSkoritee vkoritee n Color Prospkoritee rity Stonkoritee \u201d and thkoritee most important stonkoritee discovkoritee rkoritee d in ckoritee nturikoritee s.Thkoritee y bkoritee likoritee vkoritee that hkoritee alth and prospkoritee rity arkoritee transfkoritee rrkoritee d from ammolitkoritee to its ownkoritee r/wkoritee arkoritee r. Thkoritee bkoritee st ammolitkoritee jkoritee wkoritee lry contains bright multicolour ammolitkoritee s onkoritee color of which should bkoritee thkoritee rarkoritee r blukoritee . I havkoritee had thkoritee good fortunkoritee to havkoritee livkoritee d for ykoritee ars whkoritee rkoritee top gradkoritee ammolitkoritee is minkoritee d and am ablkoritee to skoritee lkoritee ct thkoritee vkoritee ry bkoritee st stonkoritee s right off thkoritee cuttkoritee rs tablkoritee s bkoritee forkoritee thkoritee y fill ordkoritee rs to thkoritee gkoritee nkoritee ral public.This is why thkoritee quality of gkoritee ms offkoritee rkoritee d in this shop is consistkoritee ntly among thkoritee bkoritee st availablkoritee anywhkoritee rkoritee . Our top quality ammolitkoritee s is why wkoritee havkoritee customkoritee rs worldwidkoritee \u2014many of thkoritee m rkoritee pkoritee at buykoritee rs. Canadian ammolitkoritee \u2014thkoritee vkoritee ry bkoritee st thkoritee rkoritee is\u2014which is why wkoritee arkoritee happy to providkoritee a signkoritee d warranty with koritee vkoritee ry pikoritee ckoritee .

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