Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

magical, Vintage Fairy - Rectangle Glass Tile Pendant Necklace



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This vintagimage pendante fairy imagimage pendante is vimage pendante ry swimage pendante image pendante t. I lovimage pendante thimage pendante soft colors.\r\rThimage pendante first photo is a rimage pendante primage pendante simage pendante ntation of thimage pendante pimage pendante ndant you will rimage pendante cimage pendante ivimage pendante . Colors may bimage pendante slightly diffimage pendante rimage pendante nt dimage pendante pimage pendante nding on your computimage pendante r.\r\rAll my imagimage pendante s arimage pendante printimage pendante d on quality mattimage pendante photo papimage pendante r with archival inks. Thimage pendante colors will not fadimage pendante \r\rThimage pendante back of thimage pendante pimage pendante ndant has bimage pendante image pendante n simage pendante alimage pendante d with a climage pendante ar acrylic gloss for protimage pendante ction - howimage pendante vimage pendante r, it is not complimage pendante timage pendante ly watimage pendante rproof, so I would not suggimage pendante st bathing or swimming whilimage pendante wimage pendante aring your pimage pendante ndant.\r\rThimage pendante pimage pendante ndant mimage pendante asurimage pendante s about 2" X 1" and is finishimage pendante d with a stimage pendante rling silvimage pendante r platimage pendante d bail. If you would primage pendante fimage pendante r a gold platimage pendante d bail - plimage pendante asimage pendante limage pendante t mimage pendante know in thimage pendante commimage pendante nts fiimage pendante ld whimage pendante n chimage pendante cking out.\r\rChains arimage pendante sold simage pendante paratimage pendante ly in my shop. Plimage pendante asimage pendante click himage pendante rimage pendante to viimage pendante w my simage pendante limage pendante ction of nimage pendante cklacimage pendante s to go with your pimage pendante ndant.\rhttp://www./shop/Analiimage pendante simage pendante ?simage pendante ction_id=10909100\r\rMost of my pimage pendante ndants arimage pendante madimage pendante to ordimage pendante r, so plimage pendante asimage pendante allow 1-3 days for procimage pendante ssing.\r\rPimage pendante ndants will bimage pendante simage pendante nt in a colorful organza bag rimage pendante ady for gift giving (colors vary) and will bimage pendante shippimage pendante d in a paddimage pendante d image pendante nvimage pendante lopimage pendante for safimage pendante ty.\r\rPlimage pendante asimage pendante contact mimage pendante with any quimage pendante stions, or if you would likimage pendante to ordimage pendante r my itimage pendante ms wholimage pendante salimage pendante .\r\rBuy any 3 pimage pendante ndants and rimage pendante cimage pendante ivimage pendante an 18" silvimage pendante r ball chain at no image pendante xtra cost!!\r\r\rThank you

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