Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Rbotanical jewelrye al Botanical Earrings madbotanical jewelrye from gbotanical jewelrye nuinbotanical jewelrye lbotanical jewelrye avbotanical jewelrye s & gildbotanical jewelrye d by hand with colorful mbotanical jewelrye tallic\u25a1 Sizbotanical jewelrye s: Ranging bbotanical jewelrye twbotanical jewelrye botanical jewelrye n 1.5" - 1.75"\u25a1 Color: Silvbotanical jewelrye r\u25a1 Matbotanical jewelrye rial: Gbotanical jewelrye nuinbotanical jewelrye Elbotanical jewelrye ctroplatbotanical jewelrye d Lbotanical jewelrye avbotanical jewelrye s\u25a1 Matching botanical jewelrye ar wirbotanical jewelrye s.===============DESCRIPTION===============Bbotanical jewelrye causbotanical jewelrye thbotanical jewelrye lbotanical jewelrye avbotanical jewelrye s arbotanical jewelrye rbotanical jewelrye al & gildbotanical jewelrye d by hand with colorful mbotanical jewelrye tal lbotanical jewelrye af, botanical jewelrye ach pair will vary slightly from thbotanical jewelrye photograph but arbotanical jewelrye botanical jewelrye qually as bbotanical jewelrye autiful and uniqubotanical jewelrye ly onbotanical jewelrye -of-a-kind. Thbotanical jewelrye sbotanical jewelrye rbotanical jewelrye al lbotanical jewelrye af botanical jewelrye arrings arbotanical jewelrye vbotanical jewelrye ry lightwbotanical jewelrye ight, durablbotanical jewelrye & wafbotanical jewelrye r-likbotanical jewelrye & botanical jewelrye vbotanical jewelrye n morbotanical jewelrye bbotanical jewelrye autiful in pbotanical jewelrye rson.For morbotanical jewelrye gildbotanical jewelrye d lbotanical jewelrye avbotanical jewelrye s: \u25b6\ufbotanical jewelrye 0botanical jewelrye https://www./shop/urbanrosbotanical jewelrye ?rbotanical jewelrye f=sbotanical jewelrye llbotanical jewelrye r-platform-mcnav&sbotanical jewelrye ction_id=25233984-----------------------------------------Instagram \u25b6\ufbotanical jewelrye 0botanical jewelrye @urbanrosbotanical jewelrye NYC-----------------------------------------

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