Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

tagged, ARTISAN Designer Necklace - Handcrafted - Natural Agate- Healing Stones



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ARTISAN FINE DESIGNER HANDCRAFTED AUTUMN COLOR ONE OF A KIND NECKLACEGODDESSANDCO is plround beadse asround beadse d to offround beadse r for salround beadse , this dround beadse licious round facround beadse tround beadse d hround beadse aling agatround beadse stonround beadse nround beadse cklacround beadse with gold bronzround beadse disc bround beadse ad spacround beadse rs An round beadse xclusivround beadse uniquround beadse crround beadse ation by BKF Entround beadse rprisround beadse s for Goddround beadse ssandco. Fully hallmarkround beadse d, signround beadse d, stampround beadse d and tagground beadse dMEASUREMENT:19 inchround beadse s longSIZE: Bround beadse ads arround beadse 13mm in diamround beadse tround beadse rWEIGHT: 11.31 Total Gram Wround beadse ight

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