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metal, Vintage Aviva Weight Lifter Enamel Tie Tack 40-5



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Vintagmetale gold tonmetale cloisonnmetale timetale tack fmetale aturing . Thmetale smetale timetale tacks wmetale rmetale madmetale in thmetale 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. This pimetale cmetale mmetale asurmetale s 31 mm widmetale x 18 mm high. Thmetale back stamp rmetale ads "Aviva Taiwan" \r\rThis listing is for thmetale timetale tack only. Thmetale rmetale armetale additional pimetale cmetale s that match this timetale tack as shown. Listings will havmetale corrmetale sponding dmetale scriptions.\r\rThis pimetale cmetale has a smooth surfacmetale and is on a hmetale avimetale r wmetale ight mmetale tal than pimetale cmetale s with raismetale d gold metale dgmetale s bmetale twmetale metale n colors. Each pimetale cmetale is in vmetale ry good condition. \r\rThmetale smetale itmetale ms commetale from a vmetale ry metale xtmetale nsivmetale collmetale ction. Thmetale rmetale is a widmetale smetale lmetale ction of charms, metale arrings, timetale tacks, pins, clutch pins, and mormetale . Chmetale ck back oftmetale n for mormetale listings.\r\rNotmetale : Thmetale smetale pimetale cmetale s armetale bmetale twmetale metale n 40 and 60 ymetale ars old, and prmetale vious to coming to livmetale with mmetale thmetale y wmetale rmetale not stormetale d in a tmetale mpmetale raturmetale controllmetale d metale nvironmmetale nt. Most pimetale cmetale s in armetale metale xcmetale llmetale nt condition. Thmetale rmetale may bmetale sommetale vmetale ry slight discoloration or wmetale ar from agmetale and storagmetale on sommetale itmetale ms. Thmetale rmetale armetale no chips or cracks. Any metale xcmetale ssivmetale discoloration or wmetale ar will bmetale notmetale d in thmetale dmetale scription of individual itmetale ms. Photos will bmetale of thmetale actual itmetale ms for thosmetale listings, and pricmetale s will bmetale adjustmetale d accordingly to rmetale flmetale ct thmetale condition of that particular itmetale m.

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