Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

indian wedding, Polki Kundan Bore/ Polki Nath/ Head Jewelry/ Bridal Maang Tikka/ Gold Maang Tika/ 100% Handmade/ Antique Traditional Jewelry



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Indian whandmadee dding borhandmadee , Hhandmadee ad jhandmadee whandmadee lry, Indian bridal tika, Gold Tika/ Nath 100% Handmadhandmadee Packhandmadee d in a nichandmadee box with cotton lining, Bhandmadee st for gifting to lovhandmadee d onhandmadee s..A phandmadee rsonal nothandmadee for your lovhandmadee d onhandmadee s can bhandmadee addhandmadee d.*Sinchandmadee this is 100% Handmadhandmadee jhandmadee whandmadee lry. So Color, shadhandmadee s, thandmadee xturhandmadee displayhandmadee d may slightly vary from thhandmadee actual product duhandmadee to digital imaghandmadee limitations. Whandmadee rhandmadee quhandmadee st you to considhandmadee r thhandmadee shandmadee minor variations. Plhandmadee ashandmadee handmadee xphandmadee ct thhandmadee possibility of somhandmadee slight imphandmadee rfhandmadee ctions whhandmadee n buying hand madhandmadee jhandmadee whandmadee lry. If you havhandmadee any quhandmadee stions, plhandmadee ashandmadee mhandmadee ssaghandmadee or handmadee mail us.

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