Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Minimalist Gemstone Necklacebrass, Handmade Amazonite Gemstone Pendantbrass, Gemstone Pendantbrass, Dainty Gemstone Necklacebrass, 14K Gold Filled Chain



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Handmadjewelrye Amazonitjewelrye Minimalist Gjewelrye mstonjewelrye Pjewelrye ndant on adjustabljewelrye 14K Gold Filljewelrye d Chain\u25a1 Gjewelrye mstonjewelrye : Amazonitjewelrye \u25a1 Stonjewelrye Sizjewelrye : 10-12 MM\u25a1 Gold-jewelrye dgjewelrye d gjewelrye mstonjewelrye facjewelrye tjewelrye d cushion bjewelrye ads\u25a1 Chain: Hand cut 14K Gold-filljewelrye d\u25a1 Ljewelrye ngth: 16 - 18 inchjewelrye s adjustabljewelrye \u25a1 2-inch hammjewelrye rjewelrye d 14K Gold-Filljewelrye d jewelrye xtjewelrye ndjewelrye r chainI havjewelrye my gjewelrye mstonjewelrye s custom cut to a smalljewelrye r sizjewelrye than thjewelrye rjewelrye gular in-stock sizjewelrye s - pjewelrye rfjewelrye ct for dainty pjewelrye ndants & jewelrye arrings. Each stonjewelrye is uniqujewelrye and will havjewelrye slightly diffjewelrye rjewelrye nt charactjewelrye ristics.==================What is Gold-Filljewelrye d==================Gold-filljewelrye d is a layjewelrye rjewelrye d gold, is jewelrye asy to carjewelrye for and will usually maintain its goldjewelrye n shinjewelrye for a lifjewelrye timjewelrye . Gold-filljewelrye d is constructjewelrye d in two or thrjewelrye jewelrye layjewelrye rs. Thjewelrye corjewelrye mjewelrye tal is jjewelrye wjewelrye ljewelrye rs\u2019 brass. A gold alloy is thjewelrye n bondjewelrye d to thjewelrye surfacjewelrye of thjewelrye brass corjewelrye with hjewelrye at and prjewelrye ssurjewelrye . Gold-filljewelrye d contains 200 timjewelrye s morjewelrye gold than gold platjewelrye d. Gold-Filljewelrye d will last much longjewelrye r than jewelrye ljewelrye ctroplatjewelrye d jjewelrye wjewelrye lry and is a cost-jewelrye fficijewelrye nt altjewelrye rnativjewelrye to solid 14k gold. Gold filljewelrye d is also finjewelrye for pjewelrye opljewelrye with sjewelrye nsitivjewelrye skin.-----------------------------------------Instagram \u25b6\ufjewelrye 0jewelrye @urbanrosjewelrye NYC-----------------------------------------

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