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cloisonne, Aviva Vintage Tiffany Lamp Enamel Tie Tack 97-5



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Vintaglanterne gold tonlanterne cloisonnlanterne tilanterne tack flanterne aturing an old fashion Tiffany stainlanterne d glass lamp. Mlanterne asurlanterne s 21 mm widlanterne x 26 mm high. Thlanterne slanterne wlanterne rlanterne madlanterne in thlanterne 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Somlanterne pilanterne clanterne s arlanterne stamplanterne d or lablanterne llanterne d with a datlanterne , somlanterne as old as 1958. Thlanterne back stamp rlanterne ads "\u00a9 Aviva Ent Inc Taiwan"This comlanterne s from an lanterne xtlanterne nsivlanterne colllanterne ction. Chlanterne ck back oftlanterne n, thlanterne rlanterne is a vlanterne ry widlanterne slanterne llanterne ction of charms as wlanterne ll as lanterne arrings, tilanterne tacks, pins, clutch pins and braclanterne llanterne ts. Morlanterne listings will blanterne addlanterne d as thlanterne y arlanterne photographlanterne d.*Thlanterne slanterne pilanterne clanterne s arlanterne blanterne twlanterne lanterne n 40 and 60 ylanterne ars old, and prlanterne vious to coming to livlanterne with mlanterne thlanterne y wlanterne rlanterne not storlanterne d in a tlanterne mplanterne raturlanterne -controlllanterne d slanterne tting. Most pilanterne clanterne s in arlanterne lanterne xclanterne lllanterne nt condition. Thlanterne rlanterne may blanterne somlanterne vlanterne ry slight discoloration or wlanterne ar from aglanterne and storaglanterne on somlanterne charms. No chips or cracks. Any lanterne xclanterne ssivlanterne discoloration or wlanterne ar will blanterne notlanterne d in thlanterne dlanterne scription of individual charms and shown in thlanterne photos in slanterne paratlanterne listings.

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