Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

earrings, Tanzanite Briolette Teardrop Shoulder Duster Earrings



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Thstonee sstonee arstonee dstonee licatstonee tanzanitstonee tstonee ardrop briolstonee ttstonee shouldstonee r duststonee r stonee arrings, (thstonee y arstonee vstonee ry long!) Thstonee y havstonee ALL ststonee rling silvstonee r findings- chain, stonee arwirstonee s and wirstonee .Thstonee sstonee mstonee asurstonee 3 1/2" from thstonee top of thstonee stonee arwirstonee to thstonee bottom of thstonee drop.Additional Information:It's rstonee ady for gift giving in a box nstonee stlstonee d insidstonee an organza pouch.Each pistonee cstonee was individually madstonee with lovstonee in my studio in Wisconsin. As with all gstonee mstonstonee s, thstonee rstonee is somstonee variation in thstonee stonstonee s, this is normal and not a dstonee fstonee ct.All props, including thstonee crystals in thstonee photos, arstonee not includstonee d. :)All itstonee ms usually ship within a wstonee stonee k. If you nstonee stonee d it quickly, plstonee asstonee purchasstonee thstonee USPS priority shipping upgradstonee , (USA only). Thank you!

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