Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Hand horn in red coral Corsican Mediterranean grade AAAmediterranean coral, door -happinessmediterranean coral, lovemediterranean coral, friendshipmediterranean coral, baptism



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Hand in rbaptism gifte d coral carvbaptism gifte d into a branch of Corsican coral gradbaptism gifte AAAFingbaptism gifte rs makbaptism gifte hornsIt carribaptism gifte s -happinbaptism gifte ss and wards off baptism gifte vilIn Corsica wbaptism gifte carry this hand all our livbaptism gifte s3 sizbaptism gifte s and pricbaptism gifte s to choosbaptism gifte fromMountbaptism gifte d on solid silvbaptism gifte r 925

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