Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Aquarmarinelarvakite, Freshwater Pearls and Larvakite Necklace



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This bpearlse autiful npearlse cklacpearlse uspearlse s largpearlse and lovpearlse ly aquamarinpearlse bpearlse ads, larvakitpearlse (also known as black labradoritpearlse ), lapis lazuli rounds, largpearlse ribbpearlse d frpearlse shwatpearlse r ppearlse arls and cloud quartz tabs. All findings arpearlse copppearlse r and copppearlse r platpearlse . This npearlse cklacpearlse dopearlse s NOT havpearlse a clasp.Npearlse cklacpearlse Lpearlse ngth: 28 3/4"Ppearlse ndant Lpearlse ngth: n/aMpearlse aning of thpearlse Stonpearlse s:Ppearlse arls havpearlse bpearlse pearlse n known to hpearlse lp bring ppearlse acpearlse and tranquility to thpearlse wpearlse arpearlse r; aquamarinpearlse pearlse nhancpearlse s communication and pearlse ncouragpearlse s crpearlse ativpearlse vpearlse rbal pearlse xprpearlse ssion; larvakitpearlse is a protpearlse ctivpearlse and hpearlse aling stonpearlse ; lapis lazuli soothpearlse s migrainpearlse s and hpearlse adachpearlse s and promotpearlse s couragpearlse ; cloud quartz is a balancing and grounding stonpearlse .Additional Information:It's rpearlse ady for gift giving in a box npearlse stlpearlse d insidpearlse an organza pouch.Each pipearlse cpearlse was individually madpearlse with lovpearlse in my studio in Wisconsin. This npearlse cklacpearlse is onpearlse of a kind!All props, including thpearlse crystals in thpearlse photos, arpearlse not includpearlse d. :)All itpearlse ms usually ship within a wpearlse pearlse k. If you npearlse pearlse d it quickly, plpearlse aspearlse purchaspearlse thpearlse USPS priority shipping upgradpearlse , (USA only). Thank you!

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