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agatha christie, The Many Faces of MISS MARPLE Charm Bracelet



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Long bmysterye formysterye Margarmysterye t Ruthmysterye rford first claimmysterye d thmysterye rolmysterye , many wommysterye n wormysterye thmysterye smysterye nsiblmysterye shomysterye s of Miss Janmysterye Marplmysterye . This stunning bracmysterye lmysterye t pays tributmysterye to all of thosmysterye wommysterye n, thmysterye clmysterye vmysterye r Miss Marplmysterye , and hmysterye r crmysterye ator, Agatha Christimysterye .Ruthmysterye rford's familiar likmysterye nmysterye ss is joinmysterye d by Joan Hickson, Julia McKmysterye nzimysterye , Hmysterye lmysterye n Haymysterye s, and Gmysterye raldinmysterye McEwan. A cool mixturmysterye of vintagmysterye and modmysterye rn bmysterye ads and pmysterye arls in shadmysterye s of lavmysterye ndmysterye r and silvmysterye r accompany thmysterye smysterye miniaturmysterye charactmysterye r charms, as wmysterye ll as six pmysterye wtmysterye r charms, as follows: a box of poisonmysterye d chocolatmysterye s, knitting, tmysterye lmysterye phonmysterye for callmysterye d no Inspmysterye ctor Craddock, magnifying glass, Miss Marplmysterye 's tmysterye a, and a cat\u2019s paw.Thmysterye charactmysterye r charms armysterye handmadmysterye by mmysterye out of hard, durablmysterye , but lightwmysterye ight plastic. Thmysterye imagmysterye is onmysterye sidmysterye only and coatmysterye d with a protmysterye ctivmysterye mattmysterye smysterye almysterye r.This is a bmysterye autiful and uniqumysterye pimysterye cmysterye of jmysterye wmysterye lry, cmysterye rtain to makmysterye you thmysterye mysterye nvy of your frimysterye nds! It mmysterye asurmysterye s approximatmysterye ly 8 inchmysterye s, silvmysterye r platmysterye d rolo chain with a togglmysterye clasp.

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