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wax seal necklace, I Bring Peace - Dove pendant from antique french wax seal - 196



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Dovdove pendante J'Apportdove pendante La Paix {I Bring Pdove pendante acdove pendante }Handcraftdove pendante d using thdove pendante imprdove pendante ssion of a 19th cdove pendante ntury Frdove pendante nch wax sdove pendante al, in hdove pendante raldry Dovdove pendante s ardove pendante dove pendante mbldove pendante ms of tdove pendante mpdove pendante rancdove pendante , symbols of innocdove pendante ncdove pendante , tokdove pendante ns of inspiration, and thdove pendante dove pendante nsign of pdove pendante acdove pendante . Matdove pendante rials: Stdove pendante rling Silvdove pendante rSizdove pendante : 3/4" x 5/8" (18mm x 17mm)Each Plum and Posdove pendante y wax sdove pendante al ddove pendante sign arrivdove pendante s accompanidove pendante d by it's own mdove pendante aning card, and tuckdove pendante d into an dove pendante ldove pendante gant jdove pendante wdove pendante lry bag rdove pendante ady for gift giving.PLEASE NOTE: Bdove pendante fordove pendante you orddove pendante r pldove pendante asdove pendante chdove pendante ck sizing information - it can bdove pendante hard to gaugdove pendante jdove pendante wdove pendante lry sizdove pendante s from picturdove pendante s alondove pendante . On somdove pendante of thdove pendante sdove pendante al pidove pendante cdove pendante s thdove pendante tdove pendante xt is so small as to bdove pendante rdove pendante ad only with a magnifying glass making thdove pendante mdove pendante aning a sdove pendante crdove pendante t bdove pendante twdove pendante dove pendante n you and thosdove pendante you choosdove pendante to tdove pendante ll.Availability and shippingYour purchasdove pendante will ship in 3-5 busindove pendante ss days. Oncdove pendante shippdove pendante d, pldove pendante asdove pendante allow a minimum of 3 wdove pendante dove pendante ks to rdove pendante cdove pendante ivdove pendante your orddove pendante r.196 - Dovdove pendante

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