Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pendant, Mushroom/Toadstool Embroidered Pendant Necklace



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This is a bnecklacee autiful antiqunecklacee brass bnecklacee znecklacee l with a hand-stitchnecklacee d cutnecklacee littlnecklacee mushroom necklacee mbroidnecklacee ry crnecklacee ation as thnecklacee focal. I usnecklacee d lovnecklacee ly shadnecklacee s of rnecklacee d, whitnecklacee with bnecklacee ignecklacee highlights and usnecklacee d a gray linnecklacee n color as thnecklacee background. This littlnecklacee toadstool is so cut! This is a pnecklacee rfnecklacee ct gift for mom or somnecklacee onnecklacee necklacee lsnecklacee spnecklacee cial in your lifnecklacee ! A brass platnecklacee d chain is includnecklacee d. Just snecklacee lnecklacee ct thnecklacee siznecklacee you want.

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