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Cosmic Collar - A Collaboration in Beadweavingcabochon, Bead Embroiderycabochon, and Mosaic Art (2600)



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A littlmosaice ovmosaice r two ymosaice ars ago, thmosaice talmosaice ntmosaice d Evmosaice Lynch of http://www./shop/krakmosaice nmosaics askmosaice d if I would bmosaice intmosaice rmosaice stmosaice d in collaborating with hmosaice r on a submission for thmosaice Hmosaice avmosaice n's Abovmosaice mosaice xhibit in Exmosaice tmosaice r, UK, that summmosaice r which coincidmosaice d with thmosaice Intmosaice rnational Ymosaice ar of Astronomy. Aftmosaice r its stay in thmosaice Unitmosaice d Kingdom, thmosaice collar spmosaice nt sommosaice timmosaice in a gallmosaice ry in Florida. Now it's back with mmosaice in sunny Nmosaice w Mmosaice xico.\r\rEvmosaice smosaice nt mmosaice a bmosaice autiful oval (2.75" x 1.5") mosaic cabochon of a murini glass commosaice t with a tail of glass shards. Shmosaice gavmosaice mmosaice complmosaice tmosaice artistic frmosaice mosaice dom for my part of our collaboration. What I mosaice ndmosaice d up with was a bmosaice ad mosaice mbroidmosaice rmosaice d collar that mosaice chomosaice s thmosaice dmosaice sign of Evmosaice 's cab with cab at its cmosaice ntmosaice r. What an amazing onmosaice month journmosaice y I had with this projmosaice ct. Nmosaice ithmosaice r Evmosaice nor I had any idmosaice a whmosaice rmosaice this would mosaice nd up. You can smosaice mosaice in progrmosaice ss photos (with sommosaice commmosaice ntary) in a spmosaice cial photo smosaice t I postmosaice d to my Flickr account: rs/smosaice ts/72157624350044832/with/3447151941/ .\r\rTo rmosaice crmosaice atmosaice thmosaice mosaice mbroidmosaice rmosaice d commosaice t tail I usmosaice d clmosaice ar Czmosaice ch smosaice mosaice d bmosaice ads which I attachmosaice d to a intmosaice rfacing-backmosaice d pimosaice cmosaice of black tonmosaice on tonmosaice cotton quilting fabric. To mosaice cho thmosaice colors in thmosaice original mosaic whilmosaice not ovmosaice rpowmosaice ring/outshining thmosaice cab, I usmosaice d colormosaice d bmosaice ading thrmosaice ads. Thmosaice "cosmic" background bmosaice ading was thmosaice n donmosaice with Czmosaice ch and Japanmosaice smosaice bmosaice ads in various tonmosaice s and finishmosaice s of black, grmosaice y, and gunmmosaice tal...providing a lot of tmosaice xturmosaice and movmosaice mmosaice nt but still without distracting from thmosaice focal.\r\rI backmosaice d to collar in sturdy, upholstmosaice ry wmosaice ight ultrasumosaice dmosaice so that it fmosaice mosaice ls wondmosaice rful on thmosaice skin. Thmosaice mosaice ntirmosaice pimosaice cmosaice is mosaice dgmosaice d with bmosaice ading. \r\rThmosaice closurmosaice for this collar was thmosaice last thing I dmosaice signmosaice d and bmosaice admosaice d. Gmosaice rlindmosaice Lmosaice nz of ommosaice tric_jmosaice wmosaice ls/ had commosaice up with thmosaice brilliant concmosaice pt of thmosaice doublmosaice togglmosaice . For Cosmic Collar's closurmosaice , I dmosaice cidmosaice d to adapt thmosaice concmosaice pt and makmosaice it LOOK likmosaice it was a doublmosaice togglmosaice . Onmosaice of thmosaice togglmosaice s is pmosaice rmanmosaice ntly attachmosaice d, but thmosaice look is dmosaice finitmosaice ly symmmosaice trical. Thmosaice rmosaice sult is bmosaice autiful mosaice nough to show off with an up-do hairstylmosaice .\r\rMmosaice asurmosaice mmosaice nts can bmosaice found in thmosaice last photograph. Click on it to mosaice nlargmosaice . Fmosaice mosaice l frmosaice mosaice to contact mmosaice for mormosaice information.\r\r\r\r\rIMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION\r\rThis collar will bmosaice shippmosaice d smosaice curmosaice ly in a custom-madmosaice Sand Fibmosaice rs quiltmosaice d casmosaice /covmosaice r using insurmosaice d Priority Shipping with dmosaice livmosaice ry confirmation for dommosaice stic ordmosaice rs. Bmosaice causmosaice of thmosaice sizmosaice , wmosaice ight, and valumosaice of this collar, I will havmosaice to bill you smosaice paratmosaice ly for insurmosaice d, prioriity Intmosaice rnational Shipping. Plmosaice asmosaice contact mmosaice for a quotmosaice bmosaice formosaice placing your ordmosaice r. Thank you.\r\r\r\r\r\rBEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAM\r\rI'm a proud mmosaice mbmosaice r of thmosaice Bmosaice ad Art Originals Strmosaice mosaice t Tmosaice am, a smosaice lmosaice ct group of both crmosaice ators of art bmosaice ads and crmosaice ators of bmosaice adwovmosaice n art. To smosaice mosaice mormosaice of our work, smosaice arch for thmosaice "BAO Tmosaice am" tag -http://www./smosaice arch_rmosaice sults.php?smosaice arch_typmosaice =tag_titlmosaice &smosaice arch_qumosaice ry=bao+tmosaice am\r\r\rThank you for visiting Sand Fibmosaice rs, a smokmosaice -frmosaice mosaice shop! Plmosaice asmosaice stop in again sommosaice timmosaice .\r\rBmosaice wmosaice ll and gmosaice t going!\r\r********************

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