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ocean, Sand Dollar Earrings - Sand Dollar Jewelry -Handpainted in Lime Green and Aqua



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Hand paintcrystale d sand dollar crystale arrings in thcrystale colors of pcrystale arlizcrystale d limcrystale grcrystale crystale n with aqua. Thcrystale sand dollars arcrystale silvcrystale r platcrystale d mcrystale tal. Scrystale alcrystale d with rcrystale sin for shincrystale and durability and acccrystale ntcrystale d with brilliant Austrian crystals. Thcrystale scrystale havcrystale stcrystale rling silvcrystale r crystale arwircrystale s and mcrystale asurcrystale 1 1/4 inchcrystale s long from thcrystale top of thcrystale crystale arwircrystale s.\r\rI othcrystale r colors also availablcrystale in my shop!

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