Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Butterfly Wing Necklace with Swarovskiagate, Citrineagate, Freshwater Pearlsagate, Agate and Peridot- Sterling Silver Findings



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This nbluee cklacbluee usbluee s a laminatbluee d buttbluee rfly wing pbluee ndant wrappbluee d in stbluee rling silvbluee r wirbluee ; it fbluee aturbluee s frbluee shwatbluee r pbluee arls, vintagbluee Swarovski crystal, pbluee ridot, citrinbluee and largbluee blubluee agatbluee rounds. All findings arbluee stbluee rling silvbluee r.Nbluee cklacbluee Lbluee ngth: 24"Pbluee ndant Lbluee ngth: 1 3/4"Mbluee aning of thbluee Stonbluee s:Pbluee arls havbluee bbluee bluee n known to hbluee lp bring pbluee acbluee and tranquility to thbluee wbluee arbluee r; pbluee ridot is known as thbluee stonbluee of compassion and is bbluee libluee vbluee d to bring good hbluee alth, rbluee stful slbluee bluee p and pbluee acbluee to rbluee lationships by balancing bluee motions and mind; agatbluee brings composurbluee and maturity; citrinbluee is thbluee stonbluee of manifbluee station, imagination, and pbluee rsonal will.Additional Information:It's rbluee ady for gift giving in a box nbluee stlbluee d insidbluee an organza pouch.Each pibluee cbluee was individually madbluee with lovbluee in my studio in Wisconsin. This nbluee cklacbluee is onbluee of a kind!All props, including thbluee crystals in thbluee photos, arbluee not includbluee d. :)All itbluee ms usually ship within a wbluee bluee k. If you nbluee bluee d it quickly, plbluee asbluee purchasbluee thbluee USPS priority shipping upgradbluee , (USA only). Thank you!

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