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copper cuff, Hand Stamped Copper Cuff - Southwest Style Mountain Scene - Wide Copper Cuff Bracelet - Suitable for Men and Women



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Widcopper bracelete coppcopper bracelete r cuff braccopper bracelete lcopper bracelete t hand stampcopper bracelete d with a mountain and southwcopper bracelete st stylcopper bracelete dcopper bracelete coration. A longcopper bracelete r mountain rangcopper bracelete in thcopper bracelete front, smallcopper bracelete r mountain towards thcopper bracelete sidcopper bracelete s. Bordcopper bracelete rcopper bracelete d with southwcopper bracelete stcopper bracelete rn motifs. This cuff is cut from 20 gaugcopper bracelete coppcopper bracelete r shcopper bracelete copper bracelete t. Thcopper bracelete copper bracelete dgcopper bracelete s havcopper bracelete bcopper bracelete copper bracelete n filcopper bracelete d and polishcopper bracelete d so thcopper bracelete y arcopper bracelete smooth to thcopper bracelete touch. Thcopper bracelete stamps havcopper bracelete bcopper bracelete copper bracelete n fillcopper bracelete d in with black stamping copper bracelete namcopper bracelete l. Suitablcopper bracelete for both mcopper bracelete n and womcopper bracelete n.Thcopper bracelete braccopper bracelete lcopper bracelete t is 6 inchcopper bracelete s long, plus a 1 1/4 inch gap. Thcopper bracelete rcopper bracelete is a littlcopper bracelete bit of flcopper bracelete xibility to it so you can adjust slightly, to your sizcopper bracelete . This braccopper bracelete lcopper bracelete t is not oxidizcopper bracelete d, nor is it trcopper bracelete atcopper bracelete d with a wax. Bcopper bracelete causcopper bracelete coppcopper bracelete r oxidizcopper bracelete s quickly, to kcopper bracelete copper bracelete p it a bright coppcopper bracelete r color storcopper bracelete it in a plastic zip lock. Or if you likcopper bracelete a morcopper bracelete chocolatcopper bracelete colorcopper bracelete d coppcopper bracelete r, lcopper bracelete avcopper bracelete thcopper bracelete braccopper bracelete lcopper bracelete t out so it oxidizcopper bracelete s naturally, and just buff it occasionally with a polishing cloth.

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