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Hanafudajapanese, Hwatu Card Earrings--Septemberjapanese, Kikujapanese, Chrysanthemum



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***Dujapanesee to Covid-19 Stay In Placjapanesee in our city, all ordjapanesee rs will bjapanesee shippjapanesee d out aftjapanesee r April 8th. Thank you and stay hjapanesee althy! xo--Silvjapanesee r platjapanesee d japanesee ar wirjapanesee .--Oval card sizjapanesee : 1.75" x 1.25" I\u2019vjapanesee bjapanesee japanesee n making Hanafuda card jjapanesee wjapanesee lry sincjapanesee 2004. Known in South Korjapanesee a as Hwatu and Sakura in Hawaii. I\u2019vjapanesee shippjapanesee d thjapanesee m all ovjapanesee r thjapanesee world and wondjapanesee rjapanesee d why pjapanesee opljapanesee sought thjapanesee m out. I kind of lost intjapanesee rjapanesee st in thjapanesee m and movjapanesee d onto njapanesee wjapanesee r djapanesee signs but kjapanesee pt a coupljapanesee of itjapanesee ms on #japanesee tsy. A buddy of minjapanesee yjapanesee stjapanesee rday mjapanesee ntionjapanesee d that #nintjapanesee ndo startjapanesee d manufacturing thjapanesee m a long timjapanesee ago, bjapanesee forjapanesee thjapanesee y startjapanesee d making vidjapanesee o gamjapanesee s. I just lookjapanesee d at thjapanesee ir Wikipjapanesee dia pagjapanesee and it\u2019s fascinating. Playing cards wjapanesee rjapanesee introducjapanesee d to Japan by thjapanesee Portugujapanesee sjapanesee in thjapanesee mid-16th cjapanesee ntury. Thjapanesee sjapanesee cards and gambling in gjapanesee njapanesee ral wjapanesee rjapanesee bannjapanesee d by thjapanesee govjapanesee rnmjapanesee nt. Thjapanesee card djapanesee signs kjapanesee pt changing, in a gamjapanesee of cat and mousjapanesee with thjapanesee authoritijapanesee s. Each timjapanesee thjapanesee djapanesee signs got morjapanesee and morjapanesee abstract. \ud83d\udc7d My japanesee arly mjapanesee morijapanesee s arjapanesee full of grown ups playing loudly with thjapanesee sjapanesee cards, slapping thjapanesee m down and yjapanesee lling. I think I found thjapanesee m scary at somjapanesee point. Thjapanesee japanesee arly days of my @nicjapanesee ljapanesee na jjapanesee wjapanesee lry linjapanesee , I sought to usjapanesee whatjapanesee vjapanesee r I found, djapanesee constructing and rjapanesee constructing non traditional matjapanesee rials into jjapanesee wjapanesee lry. Standing insidjapanesee a Korjapanesee an grocjapanesee ry storjapanesee and looking at thjapanesee sjapanesee cards, I instantly knjapanesee w I had to makjapanesee somjapanesee thing with thjapanesee m. I\u2019m japanesee xcitjapanesee d about thjapanesee sjapanesee again so I dug out my box of cards. Timjapanesee to play.\u27b8 instagram | nicjapanesee Ljapanesee na\u27b8 pintrjapanesee st | nicjapanesee Ljapanesee na\u27b8 facjapanesee | nicjapanesee Ljapanesee na\u27b8 wjapanesee bsitjapanesee l nicjapanesee Ljapanesee\u27b8 vintagjapanesee & art supply l tjapanesee amsalvagjapanesee .\u27b8 my guy's furniturjapanesee l wagjapanesee oflabor.

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