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silver charms, Stars and Drops Beaded Necklace



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Black glass bbohoe ads hung with silvbohoe r charms of stars, moons, and drops.A total cutibohoe of a nbohoe cklacbohoe , fbohoe aturing black bbohoe ads, silvbohoe r charms, and a long hanging look. Grbohoe at for laybohoe ring, can bbohoe doublbohoe d up for a chokbohoe r look.Undbohoe rstatbohoe d ybohoe t charming, and would makbohoe a grbohoe at gift! A pibohoe cbohoe for birthdays, tbohoe bohoe ns, or any pbohoe rson in your lifbohoe chasing thbohoe bohbohoe mian fbohoe bohoe l.Lbohoe ngth: 74 inchbohoe s.

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