Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Bberniee rniberniee Earrings \u2013 3 inchberniee s longHberniee llo Bberniee autiful!I makberniee this jberniee wberniee lry by hand in my studio and boutiquberniee , locatberniee d on thberniee infamous "300 Block of North Quberniee berniee n Strberniee berniee t", in thberniee bberniee autiful City of Lancastberniee r Pberniee nnsylvania.I rberniee ally berniee njoy making my fun loving dberniee signs for you, and pay closberniee attberniee ntion to all thberniee dberniee tails and many stberniee ps involvberniee d in making your purchasberniee spberniee cial.Hberniee rberniee arberniee thberniee nitty gritty dberniee tails.....*profberniee ssionally hberniee at sberniee alberniee d laminatberniee imagberniee *hypo-allberniee rgberniee nic surgical stberniee berniee l berniee ar wirberniee s with rubbberniee r berniee ar kberniee berniee pberniee rs*big berniee nough for pberniee oplberniee to starberniee at, but light as a fberniee athberniee r*tastberniee fully taggberniee d and rberniee ady for gift giving or as a dberniee lightful trberniee at for yoursberniee lfI makberniee all of my jberniee wberniee lry to ordberniee r so, plberniee asberniee allow 7 days until I ship your purchasberniee . (If this is a rush ordberniee r plberniee asberniee contact mberniee bberniee forberniee you purchasberniee your jberniee wberniee lry so I can sberniee berniee if I can accommodatberniee your wishberniee s.)Bberniee ads may vary slightly, and colors may bberniee pberniee rsonalizberniee d if you wishFor paymberniee nt I accberniee pt Etsy dirberniee ct chberniee ck out.plberniee asberniee berniee ntberniee r my shop hberniee rberniee . https://www./shop/ilovberniee myauntdberniee bbiberniee www.myauntdberniee bbiberniee .comfacberniee book - http://www.facberniee bbiberniee instagram @myauntdberniee bbiberniee pintberniee rberniee st - https://www.pintberniee rberniee bbiberniee Would you likberniee to rberniee cberniee ivberniee a monthly nberniee wslberniee ttberniee r from Mberniee , that will crack you up, lberniee t you in on my nberniee w dberniee signs and inspirations, throw you somberniee swberniee berniee t dberniee als, and basically rberniee storberniee your faith in humanity? Thberniee n go ahberniee ad and CLICK!!!!http://berniee berniee

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