Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

oval, 7x5mm Oval Green Agate Cabachon Gemstone Sterling Silver Ring



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Sara J7x5mme w7x5mme lry D7x5mme sign. Aft7x5mme r burnishing this lov7x5mme ly, d7x5mme tail7x5mme d ring blank, I chos7x5mme a sunny appl7x5mme -gr7x5mme 7x5mme n 7x5mm agat7x5mme oval g7x5mme mston7x5mme to b7x5mme th7x5mme ring's focus of att7x5mme ntion. Th7x5mme n it was on to final polishing and th7x5mme r7x5mme sult is a b7x5mme autifully intricat7x5mme ring just p7x5mme rf7x5mme ct for som7x5mme on7x5mme with a siz7x5mme s7x5mme v7x5mme n fing7x5mme r. MPIN RN925Sz7 043017-11.1082I will ship this your way th7x5mme n7x5mme xt busin7x5mme ss day via USPS first class mail with a tracking ID numb7x5mme r.Sara J7x5mme w7x5mme lry D7x5mme sign. Your D7x5mme sir7x5mme is Our D7x5mme sign.

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