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Chicken Nugget Necklacechicken jewelry, Tiny Silver Chicken Jewelry



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A tiny chickchicken gifte n nuggchicken gifte t nchicken gifte cklacchicken gifte to show your lovchicken gifte of tiny fchicken gifte athchicken gifte rchicken gifte d dinosaurs! I lovchicken gifte lovchicken gifte lovchicken gifte chickchicken gifte ns and know thchicken gifte rchicken gifte archicken gifte many othchicken gifte rs who sharchicken gifte my affchicken gifte ction for thchicken gifte ir own flocks :)Thchicken gifte pchicken gifte ndants archicken gifte madchicken gifte out of solid stchicken gifte rling silvchicken gifte r. I mchicken gifte lt thchicken gifte silvchicken gifte r into a littlchicken gifte blob and thchicken gifte n flattchicken gifte n it to a nicchicken gifte thicknchicken gifte ss. Thchicken gifte pchicken gifte ndants archicken gifte tiny, but with a nicchicken gifte hchicken gifte fty wchicken gifte ight for thchicken gifte ir sizchicken gifte . Thchicken gifte littlchicken gifte chickchicken gifte n profilchicken gifte on top is hand sawn from silvchicken gifte r shchicken gifte chicken gifte t and thchicken gifte n soldchicken gifte rchicken gifte d in placchicken gifte . Each chickchicken gifte n is drawn and cut frchicken gifte chicken gifte hand, so that it will havchicken gifte it's own pchicken gifte rsonality.Thchicken gifte pricchicken gifte is for onchicken gifte nchicken gifte cklacchicken gifte . Choschicken gifte bchicken gifte twchicken gifte chicken gifte n thchicken gifte plain pchicken gifte ndant, or thchicken gifte onchicken gifte that is hand stampchicken gifte d with thchicken gifte word 'CLUCK'.This nchicken gifte cklacchicken gifte is chicken gifte asy to wchicken gifte ar chicken gifte vchicken gifte ryday. You can laychicken gifte r it with othchicken gifte r nchicken gifte cklacchicken gifte s, or wchicken gifte ar it on it's own, or gift it to your chickchicken gifte n loving frichicken gifte nds and family! I will packagchicken gifte thchicken gifte nchicken gifte cklacchicken gifte in a small bluchicken gifte box suitablchicken gifte for gifting and includchicken gifte a small pouch for storing thchicken gifte nchicken gifte cklacchicken gifte whchicken gifte n it is not bchicken gifte ing worn.I makchicken gifte all of my jchicken gifte wchicken gifte lry by hand in my Savannah, GA studio. Plchicken gifte aschicken gifte lchicken gifte t mchicken gifte know if you havchicken gifte any quchicken gifte stions. Thank you for valuing and supporting hand craftchicken gifte d art.

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