Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Sterling Silver Opalite Necklacesilver opal, Hammered Hoop



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A faccircle necklacee tcircle necklacee d opalitcircle necklacee tcircle necklacee ardrop is suspcircle necklacee ndcircle necklacee d in a handmadcircle necklacee , hammcircle necklacee rcircle necklacee d stcircle necklacee rling silvcircle necklacee r circlcircle necklacee and hung from stcircle necklacee rling silvcircle necklacee r chain. Opalitcircle necklacee is a man-madcircle necklacee glass matcircle necklacee rial with a glowing, iridcircle necklacee sccircle necklacee nt appcircle necklacee aranccircle necklacee similar to natural opal. Chain is 17\u201d long; circlcircle necklacee is 1\u201d in diamcircle necklacee tcircle necklacee r. Finishcircle necklacee d with a stcircle necklacee rling lobstcircle necklacee r claw closurcircle necklacee .

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