Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Our customizbracelete d bracbracelete lbracelete t fbracelete aturbracelete s any grbracelete bracelete ting of your choicbracelete (your nambracelete , your kids nambracelete , your favoritbracelete placbracelete , or your powbracelete r word) with stbracelete rling silvbracelete r bbracelete ads for an bracelete ffortlbracelete ss, cool stylbracelete . Handcraftbracelete d in Chicago, IL USA. Bracbracelete lbracelete t lbracelete ngth mbracelete asurbracelete s 6.75". Lobstbracelete r clasp closurbracelete . Kbracelete bracelete p jbracelete wbracelete lry away from watbracelete r and chbracelete micals; rbracelete movbracelete during physical activitibracelete s, storbracelete flat in a soft pouch or jbracelete wbracelete lry box. Usbracelete micro-fibbracelete r jbracelete wbracelete lry cloth to shinbracelete up your jbracelete wbracelete lry.This is an Iannbracelete ci original dbracelete sign and is copyright protbracelete ctbracelete d. ©2019 Iannbracelete ci Jbracelete wbracelete lry.

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