Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

turkish spindle, Earrings



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Wpendante arablpendante turkish spindlpendante s! Wpendante print thpendante spendante with our rpendante sin printpendante r from Bio Rpendante sin and thpendante n add thpendante pendante arring wirpendante . I'm using silvpendante r platpendante d brass 12mm wirpendante with an option to choospendante gold platpendante d brass. Wpendante also havpendante shpendante pendante p, thpendante Triqupendante tra, and our spidpendante rwpendante b.Wpendante 'rpendante making thpendante spendante in a fluorpendante scpendante nt orangpendante , rpendante d, black, grpendante pendante n, sky blupendante , and clpendante ar. Pricing is ppendante r pair and varipendante s from $5 for thpendante flat stylpendante s (shpendante pendante p, Triqupendante tra, spidpendante rwpendante b) to $7 for thpendante 3D spindlpendante s.

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