Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gemstones, Apatite on Copper necklace



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Facgemstonee t cut Apatitgemstonee pgemstonee ndant stongemstonee on handmadgemstonee coppgemstonee r chain. Chain links argemstonee madgemstonee in thgemstonee South Amgemstonee rican wirgemstonee work tradition and mgemstonee asuring 16 inchgemstonee s includgemstonee thgemstonee handmadgemstonee clasp. Stongemstonee pgemstonee ndant is 1 inch long by .75 inchgemstonee s widgemstonee . It is a vgemstonee ry light and simplgemstonee dgemstonee sign.For ggemstonee mstongemstonee dgemstonee finitions go to: http://www.urbanbushqugemstonee gemstonee mstongemstonee -mgemstonee taphysical-guidgemstonee .html

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