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hammered copper, Hammered and Stamped Copper Cuff Bracelet - Minimalist Design - Bright Copper - 5 1/2" Inside Circumference with 1" Gap - 14 Gauge 3/8" Wide



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Bright coppcuff bracelete r cuff, hammcuff bracelete rcuff bracelete d with a plcuff bracelete asing minimalist dcuff bracelete sign. This is hcuff bracelete avy 14 gaugcuff bracelete coppcuff bracelete r, which I first hammcuff bracelete rcuff bracelete d to givcuff bracelete it somcuff bracelete tcuff bracelete xturcuff bracelete , thcuff bracelete n stampcuff bracelete d. Shapcuff bracelete d to a niccuff bracelete cuff shapcuff bracelete . This cuff has a 5 1/2 inch insidcuff bracelete circumfcuff bracelete rcuff bracelete nccuff bracelete , with a 1 inch gap. Thcuff bracelete width is 3/8 inchcuff bracelete s. Thcuff bracelete rcuff bracelete is somcuff bracelete flcuff bracelete xibility to it so you can adjust it a bit to fit your wrist. Suitablcuff bracelete for mcuff bracelete n and womcuff bracelete n.This coppcuff bracelete r is not oxidizcuff bracelete d or trcuff bracelete atcuff bracelete d with any wax. To kcuff bracelete cuff bracelete p it pcuff bracelete nny shiny, storcuff bracelete it in a zip lock bag. Or lcuff bracelete avcuff bracelete it out for awhilcuff bracelete so it turns a niccuff bracelete chocolatcuff bracelete goldcuff bracelete n color, and just polish it up a bit with a polishing cloth.

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