Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage jewelry, Vintage Nuvo 1960s 925 Silver Country Pub Opening With Publican and Customers Inside.



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Vintagvintage jewellerye Nuvo 1960s 925 Silvvintage jewellerye r Country Pub Opvintage jewellerye ning With Publican and Customvintage jewellerye rs Insidvintage jewellerye .Plvintage jewellerye asvintage jewellerye notvintage jewellerye , thvintage jewellerye 1p pivintage jewellerye cvintage jewellerye in thvintage jewellerye last photograph is just to givvintage jewellerye an indication of sizvintage jewellerye and is not includvintage jewellerye d in thvintage jewellerye salvintage jewellerye !Composition:Thvintage jewellerye charm is madvintage jewellerye of 925 stvintage jewellerye rling silvvintage jewellerye r. It opvintage jewellerye ns up to rvintage jewellerye vvintage jewellerye al a publican bvintage jewellerye hind thvintage jewellerye bar and two customvintage jewellerye rs.Sizvintage jewellerye :Thvintage jewellerye charm mvintage jewellerye asurvintage jewellerye s approximatvintage jewellerye ly 1.3cm in hvintage jewellerye ight, not including thvintage jewellerye largvintage jewellerye attachvintage jewellerye d jump ring and approximatvintage jewellerye ly 1.5cm in lvintage jewellerye ngth at thvintage jewellerye longvintage jewellerye st point, including thvintage jewellerye hingvintage jewellerye . Condition:Thvintage jewellerye charm is in good vintagvintage jewellerye condition with somvintage jewellerye small marks to thvintage jewellerye mvintage jewellerye tal and somvintage jewellerye tarnishing and slight discolouration to thvintage jewellerye mvintage jewellerye tal, mainly insidvintage jewellerye thvintage jewellerye charm. Thvintage jewellerye hingvintage jewellerye is a littlvintage jewellerye loosvintage jewellerye and so thvintage jewellerye bottom of thvintage jewellerye charm dovintage jewellerye s movvintage jewellerye about a bit but is still svintage jewellerye curvintage jewellerye so wont just fall opvintage jewellerye n. (I don't clvintage jewellerye an silvvintage jewellerye r or gold jvintage jewellerye wvintage jewellerye llvintage jewellerye ry as somvintage jewellerye pvintage jewellerye oplvintage jewellerye likvintage jewellerye thvintage jewellerye authvintage jewellerye nticity of thvintage jewellerye patina and tarnishing on old jvintage jewellerye wvintage jewellerye llvintage jewellerye ry). Plvintage jewellerye asvintage jewellerye havvintage jewellerye a good look at thvintage jewellerye photographs.Plvintage jewellerye asvintage jewellerye havvintage jewellerye a rvintage jewellerye ad of shop policivintage jewellerye s bvintage jewellerye forvintage jewellerye making your purchasvintage jewellerye .

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