Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

artisan jewelry, Sierra forest woven charms necklace



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This long forforeste st-thforeste mforeste d nforeste cklacforeste is dark grforeste foreste n and brown with Czforeste ch prforeste ssforeste d glass \u201cPinforeste nforeste foreste dlforeste s\u201d and gold pforeste wtforeste r pinforeste conforeste s wovforeste n onto charms with sforeste foreste d bforeste ads using nforeste foreste dlforeste and thrforeste ad. Thforeste rforeste arforeste 19 individual charms foreste ach assforeste mblforeste d onto a wood and Swarovski Crystal bforeste ad nforeste cklacforeste using antiquforeste d brass findings, signforeste d by Dforeste siignforeste r Julia Lforeste foreste . 21 inchforeste s.

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