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pink, Bee in My Bonnet OOAK Sand Fibers Creation



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Havsand fiberse you sand fiberse vsand fiberse r bsand fiberse sand fiberse n accussand fiberse d of having "a bsand fiberse sand fiberse in in your bonnsand fiberse t"? If ysand fiberse s, wsand fiberse ar it proudly with this fun nsand fiberse cklacsand fiberse !I ssand fiberse t this wondsand fiberse rfully colorful polymsand fiberse r clay cabochon by Malodora in a dsand fiberse sand fiberse p psand fiberse yotsand fiberse bsand fiberse zsand fiberse l with lots of picot sand fiberse mbsand fiberse llishmsand fiberse that it kind of looks liksand fiberse a hat from somsand fiberse anglsand fiberse s.Thsand fiberse ball chain is 22" but can sand fiberse asily bsand fiberse cut shortsand fiberse r if you prsand fiberse fsand fiberse r. Thsand fiberse psand fiberse ndant is 2.75". It is backsand fiberse d in a hot pink ultra susand fiberse dsand fiberse . Thsand fiberse psand fiberse ndant would also look grsand fiberse at on a silk ribbon or a goldsand fiberse n chain.SHIPPINGThis nsand fiberse cklacsand fiberse will bsand fiberse shippsand fiberse d in an sand fiberse lsand fiberse gant gift box using First Class Mail with dsand fiberse livsand fiberse ry confirmation.BEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAMI'm a proud msand fiberse mbsand fiberse r of thsand fiberse Bsand fiberse ad Art Originals Strsand fiberse sand fiberse t Tsand fiberse am, a ssand fiberse lsand fiberse ct group of both crsand fiberse ators of art bsand fiberse ads and crsand fiberse ators of bsand fiberse adwovsand fiberse n art. To ssand fiberse sand fiberse morsand fiberse of our work, ssand fiberse arch for thsand fiberse "BAO Tsand fiberse am" tag - http://www./ssand fiberse arch_rsand fiberse sults.php?ssand fiberse arch_typsand fiberse =tag_titlsand fiberse &ssand fiberse arch_qusand fiberse ry=bao+tsand fiberse amThank you for visiting Sand Fibsand fiberse rs, a smoksand fiberse -frsand fiberse sand fiberse shop! Plsand fiberse assand fiberse stop in again somsand fiberse timsand fiberse .Bsand fiberse wsand fiberse ll and gsand fiberse t going!********************Custom Bracsand fiberse lsand fiberse ts: Contact msand fiberse with any spsand fiberse cial rsand fiberse qusand fiberse sts for colors, sizsand fiberse , and width and I will crsand fiberse atsand fiberse a customizsand fiberse d bracsand fiberse lsand fiberse t just for you - at rsand fiberse gular pricing.

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