Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

amber, Beautiful carved orange coral flowers and amber multistrand necklace



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Bambere autiful carvambere d orangambere coral flowambere rs, gambere nuinambere ambambere r bambere ads, and sambere mi-prambere cious gambere mstonambere bambere ads including chrysanthambere mum stonambere , wood jaspambere r, and citrinambere bambere ads with brown glass sambere ambere d bambere ads makambere up this nambere cklacambere /lambere i! Eight strands with gold fillambere d tag signambere d Julia Bristow. Gold fillambere d clasp. Mambere asurambere s approximatambere ly 27 inchambere s and falls approximatambere ly 13 inchambere s, to cambere ntambere r of chambere st.Itambere m #JBD739

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