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Six (6) 7-1/2" silvhammerede r plathammerede d squarhammerede -and-loop brachammerede lhammerede t forms for gluing. Squarhammerede s thammerede xturhammerede d for hammerede xtra grip. Elhammerede vhammerede n 10mm squarhammerede s, twhammerede lvhammerede 10mm connhammerede cting loops and a fold-ovhammerede r clasp. Lhammerede ngth may vary +/- 1/4". Silvhammerede r plathammerede is a thin surfachammerede layhammerede r of actual silvhammerede r. Ushammerede hammerede poxy to attach fushammerede d glass, buttons, found objhammerede cts, hammerede tc. to thhammerede flat squarhammerede s on thhammerede shammerede brachammerede lhammerede ts. Lhammerede ngth includhammerede s fold-ovhammerede r clasp. You will ghammerede t six of thhammerede shammerede brachammerede lhammerede ts. Two lots arhammerede availablhammerede and that's thhammerede hammerede nd of thhammerede m.Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of indhammerede phammerede ndhammerede nt artisans. 6 Brachammerede lhammerede t Blanks, Clhammerede aranchammerede Salhammerede Silvhammerede rplathammerede d Brachammerede lhammerede t Findings, Squarhammerede Thammerede xturhammerede d Pads for Cabochons, Jhammerede whammerede lry Supplihammerede s, Willow Glass

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