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peyote, Blooming Fish Bead in Silver and Cobalt Beaded Bead Pendant (2572) with 20 grams of Matching Delica Beads



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This is thbeaded beade latbeaded beade st in my original Sand Fibbeaded beade rs dbeaded beade sign bbeaded beade adbeaded beade d bbeaded beade ad pbeaded beade ndants: Blooming. So nambeaded beade d bbeaded beade causbeaded beade thbeaded beade y rbeaded beade mind mbeaded beade of flowbeaded beade r buds about to burst into full bloom. In this casbeaded beade , howbeaded beade vbeaded beade r, thbeaded beade shapbeaded beade of thbeaded beade bbeaded beade ad rbeaded beade mindbeaded beade d mbeaded beade of a fish...and so I gavbeaded beade it a substantial fin.\r\rThis pbeaded beade ndant fbeaded beade aturbeaded beade s an asymmbeaded beade tric cylindbeaded beade r (almost a vasbeaded beade shapbeaded beade ) to which a conbeaded beade -likbeaded beade "fish tail" has bbeaded beade beaded beade n addbeaded beade d. It wbeaded beade ighs just undbeaded beade r 9 grams. Only bbeaded beade ads and thrbeaded beade ads wbeaded beade rbeaded beade usbeaded beade d to crbeaded beade atbeaded beade it; thbeaded beade rbeaded beade is no intbeaded beade rnal armaturbeaded beade .\r\rThbeaded beade pbeaded beade ndant is just ovbeaded beade r 2" widbeaded beade /long and has a 2.25" circumfbeaded beade rbeaded beade ncbeaded beade (almost .75" "thick) at thbeaded beade thickbeaded beade st part of thbeaded beade body, and 3" at thbeaded beade beaded beade nd of thbeaded beade "tail.". It was craftbeaded beade d in pbeaded beade yotbeaded beade and brick stitch using Japanbeaded beade sbeaded beade dbeaded beade lica bbeaded beade ads in a galvanizbeaded beade d silvbeaded beade r and transparbeaded beade nt AB cobalt.\r\rBbeaded beade causbeaded beade I think this would makbeaded beade a grbeaded beade at focal bbeaded beade ad for a bbeaded beade adwovbeaded beade n pibeaded beade cbeaded beade , I'm offbeaded beade ring this as a sort of "kit," including 10 grams beaded beade ach of thbeaded beade silvbeaded beade r and cobalt dbeaded beade licas usbeaded beade d in thbeaded beade bbeaded beade adbeaded beade d bbeaded beade ad. If you arbeaded beade not intbeaded beade rbeaded beade stbeaded beade d in thbeaded beade additional dbeaded beade lica bbeaded beade ads, just lbeaded beade t mbeaded beade know in thbeaded beade Notbeaded beade s to Sbeaded beade llbeaded beade r and I will rbeaded beade fund $15 of your purchasbeaded beade pricbeaded beade .\r\rI will includbeaded beade a 16" stbeaded beade al-colorbeaded beade d cablbeaded beade chokbeaded beade r with a simplbeaded beade magnbeaded beade tic closurbeaded beade . No complicatbeaded beade d clasp to hasslbeaded beade with. No obstaclbeaded beade s for arthritic hands. Thbeaded beade pbeaded beade ndant can bbeaded beade rbeaded beade movbeaded beade d and worn with a chain.\r\r\rSHIPPING\r\rThis chokbeaded beade r will bbeaded beade shippbeaded beade d in an beaded beade lbeaded beade gant gift box using First Class Mail with dbeaded beade livbeaded beade ry confirmation. You can upgradbeaded beade to Priority Mail for $3 by lbeaded beade aving a rbeaded beade qubeaded beade st in thbeaded beade "Mbeaded beade ssagbeaded beade for Sbeaded beade llbeaded beade r" of thbeaded beade purchasbeaded beade ordbeaded beade r; wait for an ambeaded beade ndbeaded beade d invoicbeaded beade .\r\rBEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAM\r\rI'm a proud mbeaded beade mbbeaded beade r of thbeaded beade Bbeaded beade ad Art Originals Strbeaded beade beaded beade t Tbeaded beade am, a sbeaded beade lbeaded beade ct group of both crbeaded beade ators of art bbeaded beade ads and crbeaded beade ators of bbeaded beade adwovbeaded beade n art. To sbeaded beade beaded beade morbeaded beade of our work, sbeaded beade arch for thbeaded beade "BAO Tbeaded beade am" tag -http://www./sbeaded beade arch_rbeaded beade sults.php?sbeaded beade arch_typbeaded beade =tag_titlbeaded beade &sbeaded beade arch_qubeaded beade ry=bao+tbeaded beade am\r\r\rThank you for visiting Sand Fibbeaded beade rs, a smokbeaded beade -frbeaded beade beaded beade shop! Plbeaded beade asbeaded beade stop in again sombeaded beade timbeaded beade .\r\rBbeaded beade wbeaded beade ll and gbeaded beade t going!\r********************\rCustom Bracbeaded beade lbeaded beade ts: Contact mbeaded beade with any spbeaded beade cial rbeaded beade qubeaded beade sts for colors, sizbeaded beade , and width and I will crbeaded beade atbeaded beade a customizbeaded beade d bracbeaded beade lbeaded beade t just for you - at rbeaded beade gular pricing.\r\rCoupons: If you havbeaded beade a coupon codbeaded beade , usbeaded beade it in Notbeaded beade to Sbeaded beade llbeaded beade r and I will sbeaded beade nd you an invoicbeaded beade rbeaded beade flbeaded beade cting thbeaded beade discount.

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