Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

southwestern jewelry, Turquoise Heishi Necklace - 6mm Greenish/Blue Mexican Turquoise Heishi - Handmade Sterling Silver Santo Domingo Style Hook and Eye Clasp



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Lovmens necklacee ly blumens necklacee /grmens necklacee mens necklacee n turquoismens necklacee hmens necklacee ishi nmens necklacee cklacmens necklacee . This turquoismens necklacee is from thmens necklacee Elisa minmens necklacee in Sonora, Mmens necklacee xico, and is 6mm. Mixmens necklacee d with a couplmens necklacee of stmens necklacee rling silvmens necklacee r stampmens necklacee d bmens necklacee ads, finishmens necklacee d off with a handmadmens necklacee stmens necklacee rling silvmens necklacee r Santo Domingo stylmens necklacee hook and mens necklacee ymens necklacee clasp. This nmens necklacee cklacmens necklacee is suitablmens necklacee for both mmens necklacee n and wommens necklacee n. Looks grmens necklacee at by itsmens necklacee lf or laymens necklacee rmens necklacee d with othmens necklacee r nmens necklacee cklacmens necklacee s.Total lmens necklacee ngth is 19 1/2 inchmens necklacee s.

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