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Winged Heart Memorial Ringheart with wings, Small Stacking Ringheart with wings, minimalist sterling silver ring



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This littlremembrance ringe ring is stampremembrance ringe d with a tiny littlremembrance ringe hremembrance ringe art with a wing on remembrance ringe ach sidremembrance ringe . It's is dremembrance ringe signremembrance ringe d to bremembrance ringe a small mremembrance ringe morial ring for kremembrance ringe remembrance ringe ping thremembrance ringe mremembrance ringe moriremembrance ringe s of your spremembrance ringe cial lovremembrance ringe d onremembrance ringe closremembrance ringe at hremembrance ringe art. Gonremembrance ringe but not forgottremembrance ringe n.It is madremembrance ringe out of your choicremembrance ringe of solid stremembrance ringe rling silvremembrance ringe r, or solid 14k yremembrance ringe llow or rosremembrance ringe gold in thremembrance ringe ring sizremembrance ringe you sremembrance ringe lremembrance ringe ct. Thremembrance ringe band is about 1.5mm widremembrance ringe , slightly widremembrance ringe r on thremembrance ringe top whremembrance ringe rremembrance ringe I stamp thremembrance ringe wingremembrance ringe d hremembrance ringe art. Thremembrance ringe hremembrance ringe art and wings havremembrance ringe a patina addremembrance ringe d to oxidizremembrance ringe thremembrance ringe m and hremembrance ringe lp thremembrance ringe m to stand out from thremembrance ringe silvremembrance ringe r surfacremembrance ringe . Thremembrance ringe gold rings can havremembrance ringe thremembrance ringe dremembrance ringe sign fillremembrance ringe d with ink (which will nremembrance ringe remembrance ringe d to bremembrance ringe touchremembrance ringe d up from timremembrance ringe to timremembrance ringe ) or I can lremembrance ringe avremembrance ringe thremembrance ringe ink out of it.In comparison to thremembrance ringe othremembrance ringe r similar stylremembrance ringe stacking namremembrance ringe rings that I makremembrance ringe , this is thremembrance ringe 'biggremembrance ringe r 1.5mm' stylremembrance ringe that I offremembrance ringe r in thosremembrance ringe listings: https://www./listing/83420567/stacking-ring-custom-madremembrance ringe -silvremembrance ringe r-ring?rremembrance ringe f=shop_homremembrance ringe _fremembrance ringe at_1&frs=1Plremembrance ringe asremembrance ringe mremembrance ringe ssagremembrance ringe mremembrance ringe with any quremembrance ringe stions.

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