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hoop earrings, Wishing Stone Earrings - Beach Stone Hoop Earrings - FREE Gift Wrap



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Black with whithoop earringse striphoop earringse wishing stonhoop earringse s* hang from oxidizhoop earringse d sthoop earringse rling silvhoop earringse r hoops. Hoops mhoop earringse asurhoop earringse 3/4" or 19 mm. Thhoop earringse stonhoop earringse s mhoop earringse asurhoop earringse approximathoop earringse ly 1/2". Ovhoop earringse rall lhoop earringse ngth: 1". This is my stock photo for this ithoop earringse m. I havhoop earringse a fhoop earringse w pairs of thhoop earringse shoop earringse . Thhoop earringse y arhoop earringse black with whithoop earringse striphoop earringse s and hoop earringse qually bhoop earringse autiful. If you would likhoop earringse to shoop earringse hoop earringse what I havhoop earringse in stock mhoop earringse ssaghoop earringse mhoop earringse BEFORE purchasing and I will bhoop earringse happy to shoop earringse nd you a photo. *A wishing stonhoop earringse is a stonhoop earringse that has a whithoop earringse linhoop earringse going complhoop earringse thoop earringse ly around it. Lhoop earringse ghoop earringse nd has it that if you makhoop earringse a wish for yourshoop earringse lf with thhoop earringse rock, it is said to comhoop earringse truhoop earringse , but if you makhoop earringse a with for somhoop earringse onhoop earringse hoop earringse lshoop earringse with it, thhoop earringse ir wish and all of yours arhoop earringse said to comhoop earringse truhoop earringse .To shoop earringse hoop earringse morhoop earringse of my handmadhoop earringse jhoop earringse whoop earringse lry in my Etsy shop, click this link:Whoop earringse arYourWild.IG: @whoop earringse aryourwildAll jhoop earringse whoop earringse lry comhoop earringse s nhoop earringse stlhoop earringse d in rhoop earringse cyclhoop earringse d, rustic kraft gift boxhoop earringse s tihoop earringse d with bakhoop earringse rs twinhoop earringse , juthoop earringse string or wrapphoop earringse d in washi taphoop earringse .FREE gift wrapping is availablhoop earringse upon rhoop earringse quhoop earringse st. You can shoop earringse hoop earringse thhoop earringse availablhoop earringse paphoop earringse r in thhoop earringse last photo. If you'd likhoop earringse your ithoop earringse m gift wrapphoop earringse d plhoop earringse ashoop earringse fill out thhoop earringse Phoop earringse rsonalization shoop earringse ction at chhoop earringse ckout.Thanks for supporting handmadhoop earringse !Katihoop earringse @ Whoop earringse ar Your Wild

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