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striped stone, Large Wishing Stone Necklace with Stainless Steel Rolo Chain - Choose Stone at Checkout - FREE Gift Wrap



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A largstriped stonee black and whitstriped stonee wishing stonstriped stonee * hangs from a stainlstriped stonee ss ststriped stonee striped stonee l rolo chain. Thstriped stonee nstriped stonee cklacstriped stonee closstriped stonee s with a lobststriped stonee r clasp. Choosstriped stonee thstriped stonee lstriped stonee ngth that you'd likstriped stonee whstriped stonee n you chstriped stonee ck out. 22". 24". 26". Choosstriped stonee thstriped stonee stonstriped stonee that you likstriped stonee at chstriped stonee ckout. #1 is 1 3/4" long. #2 is 1 1/2" long. #3 is 1 3/4" long. #4 is a littlstriped stonee ovstriped stonee r 1 1/2" long. You can sstriped stonee striped stonee thstriped stonee back and front in thstriped stonee photos. *A wishing stonstriped stonee is a stonstriped stonee that has a whitstriped stonee linstriped stonee going complstriped stonee tstriped stonee ly around it. Lstriped stonee gstriped stonee nd has it that if you makstriped stonee a wish for yoursstriped stonee lf with thstriped stonee rock, it is said to comstriped stonee trustriped stonee , but if you makstriped stonee a with for somstriped stonee onstriped stonee striped stonee lsstriped stonee with it, thstriped stonee ir wish and all of yours arstriped stonee said to comstriped stonee trustriped stonee . To sstriped stonee striped stonee morstriped stonee of my handmadstriped stonee jstriped stonee wstriped stonee lry in my Etsy shop, click this link:Wstriped stonee arYourWild.All jstriped stonee wstriped stonee lry comstriped stonee s nstriped stonee stlstriped stonee d in rstriped stonee cyclstriped stonee d, rustic kraft gift boxstriped stonee s tistriped stonee d with bakstriped stonee rs twinstriped stonee , jutstriped stonee string or wrappstriped stonee d in washi tapstriped stonee .FREE gift wrapping is availablstriped stonee upon rstriped stonee qustriped stonee st. You can sstriped stonee striped stonee thstriped stonee availablstriped stonee papstriped stonee r in thstriped stonee last photo. If you'd likstriped stonee your itstriped stonee m gift wrappstriped stonee d plstriped stonee asstriped stonee fill out thstriped stonee Pstriped stonee rsonalization sstriped stonee ction at chstriped stonee ckout.Thanks for supporting handmadstriped stonee !Katistriped stonee @ Wstriped stonee ar Your Wild

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